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Sherief Moustafa

Business Leader, Innovator, and Entrepreneur Founder, Owner, and Founder of FHE Health

For over 25 years, Sherief Moustafa has been a leading voice for quality substance abuse and mental health care— both in the South Florida community and on the national stage.

Sherief’s passion for helping more Americans access effective treatment and achieve long-term recovery inspired him to found and lead the national behavioral health provider FHE Health in 2001.

Since then, thousands of men and women from around the country have found “hope for healing” at FHE’s substance addiction and mental health treatment facility. Meanwhile, Sherief’s long and continuing record of successes and contributions as founder of FHE Health continue to bring him acclaim in the community. 

Sherief Moustafa Speaking



Sherief’s mission to make quality behavioral healthcare more accessible began at Harvard Teaching Hospital— a formative time in his vocational growth. Sherief is a Certified Addiction Professional (CAP). (The professional designation licenses him to assess, develop, and provide substance abuse treatment.) He also holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a bachelor’s degree in Adult Health Nurse/Nursing, having earned both at Salem State University, in Salem, Massachusetts.


Sherief was recognized by Cambridge Who’s Who in 2010 for being an innovative leader in his industry. As Founder of FHE Health, Sherief leads by example, demonstrating a strong commitment to excellence in care, service to others, and a positive work environment. These are some of the accolades and accomplishments that FHE Health has earned or achieved thanks to that leadership:

  • Sun Sentinel Top Workplace Award 2015, 2016, 2017, 2019, 2020
  •  ‘A’ rating on Better Business Bureau
  • Maintained compliance with the highest standards of NAATP, Joint Commission, CARF, Florida DCF, and various licensures.



A bold, entrepreneurial spirit, smart business management strategies, and a real passion for helping people find recovery tell how FHE Health has grown and come to flourish through the years under the direction of Sherief.



FHE is one of the few providers that offers Neuro Therapy and other groundbreaking interventions, thanks to Sherief. When added to more conventional treatments, innovations such as Neuro Therapy are increasing patients’ quality of life and their treatment outcomes. 



An attitude and posture of service and giving are part of FHE Health’s DNA. Just one example among others: Hundreds of people who would not have been able to afford treatment have been able to get this essential care with the help of scholarships at the behest of Sherief and the FHE leadership team.

Industry Leading

Industry Leading

No matter how you dice it, FHE Health is an industry leader. Strong patient reviews, superior treatment outcomes (tracked and reported by a third party), and a state-of-the-art facility and campus are some of the ways that Sherief has positioned FHE to model excellence in healthcare for other rehab centers.



Ending the addiction and mental health epidemic will take a lot of hard work. Sherief believes a big part of the answer is high-quality treatment that people can trust— and the tenacious desire to keep learning, improving on, and expanding care for the sake of the next person who needs it.


Since its humble beginnings as a sober home, FHE Health has been in the business of restoring people’s hope for healing. It also has grown and developed substantially. Sherief transformed his small business into a state-of-the-art facility and campus, with the goal of creating an optimal, healing environment for people with substance use and mental health disorders.

In the process, the center has become a community leader, known for its generosity and innovation in the treatment space. Over the years it has provided countless scholarships which have made treatment possible for individuals and families who could not afford it.

FHE Health is a teaching institution, working in partnership with local universities to provide student internships and education. This role is an extension of Sherief’s commitment to support stronger addiction and mental health care, by investing in the next generation of behavioral health providers.

A similar motivation inspired Sherief to begin offering the annual “Hope for Healing Scholarship.” The award offsets the cost of tuition for two qualified students who show promise and are making an impact in the field of mental health and/or substance abuse treatment.


At Harvard Teaching Hospital and in various nursing supervisory roles, Sherief found his mission: Designing and delivering the highest-quality, behavioral health treatment programs for substance addictions and mental health conditions. Sherief subsequently spent time in real estate development and as an entrepreneur. These experiences helped prepare him for launching FHE Health in 2001 and for overseeing its clinical operations, investments strategy, business development, and the design and management of its facilities. 



Salem State University


Salem State University

Bachelor's Degree, Adult Health Nursing

Northeastern University

Adult Health Nurse/Nursing

Certified Addiction Professional


Sherief is often asked to share his expertise on the subject of quality behavioral health treatment, whether in televised interviews or before various audiences.





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