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Sherief Abu-Moustafa

Designing and delivering the highest-quality, behavioral health treatment programs for substance addictions and mental health conditions.

Business Leader, Innovator and Founder of FHE Health formerly known as Florida House Experience

Sherief Abu Moustafa Founder of FHE Health Behavioral Health Disorders and addiction treatment

Community Involvement

An attitude and posture of service and giving are part of FHE Health’s DNA. Just one example among others: hundreds of people who would not have been able to afford treatment have been able to get this essential care with the help of scholarships at the behest of Sherief and the FHE leadership team.

FHE Health Testimonials

Discover how our alumni rate their experience at FHE Health and its life-changing impact, via these video testimonials:

A big part of my story is that two months before I got sober, my father died unexpectedly from a heart attack— so I had two months of being the most miserable I had ever been. I was hopeless, but I knew I didn’t want to die. For the first time, I thought, “I want to live and honor who my father raised me to be.” My heart today is absolutely full. I am happier than I’ve ever been and it blows me away every day. It’s almost like I’m dreaming sometimes: the relationship with my mother is now everything I wanted it to be; and she trusts me finally, which is huge. And for me to be able to be there for her and help her and perhaps make her day a little easier is the best gift I’ve got in recovery.



[The staff at FHE Health] tried to help like any family would. My parents tried to help me, but I definitely broke their hearts and I didn’t show up for them when I was supposed to. It’s hard to think about because all they wanted was for me to do well. I think they were sad but relieved when I went to FHE Health. They knew where I was, and that I was in good hands … even though I didn’t know what to expect or what I was doing with my life, I felt safe at FHE Health, and I think that’s one of the best things you can get from coming to a place like this. It did feel like home. It did feel safe, and I felt comfortable. I couldn’t leave. I stuck around. I took their suggestions to live in a sober-living facility after I discharged from here, and I stayed as close as possible.



There were times I wanted to die. There were times I would write in my journal, screaming down the whole page, “I know I’m an addict; I don’t want to live this way anymore.” I knew I had a problem. I’ve been sober now for four-and-a-half years. Being a mother now— it’s incredible. FHE Health was the only treatment facility I went to. It was the first and only time I’ve tried to get sober. And I can’t see my life any other way.




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