Sherie Fmoustaf

Commitment to Community

Sherief Moustafa, the founder of FHE Health seeks to help students further their education, minimize healthcare and education disparities, and raise mental health awareness.

FHE Health and founder Sherief Moustafa offer scholarships and education for those interested in Behavioral Health Disorders

Hope For Healing Scholarship

The Hope for Healing Scholarship is an evergreen offering that awards two recipients annually. The purpose of the scholarship, awarded to one undergraduate and one graduate student each year, is to encourage more of America’s best and brightest to pursue a vocation in the field of addiction and mental health.

FHE Education Program

FHE cares about the future of behavioral health treatment, which is why we are a teaching institution. We do not only want to provide quality care to the people we serve, we want to train the next generation of healthcare workers to be able to do the same. We are affiliated with multiple universities for this reason.